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  • Smart Scan Smart Scan Smart Scan with or without switcher. If you do not have a switcher the tablet’s screen will take over this function! Just with a touch anywhere on the screen!!
  • Access to our most basic needs Access to our most basic needs Communication is the basis of human relationships. Always know what a disabled person wants to tell you through Livox!!
  • IntelliTouch Livox IntelliTouch Livox Livox has an intelligent algorithm called IntelliTouch that corrects the imperfect touch of the disabled person on the screen. It simply works!!
  • Smart Virtual Keyboard Smart Virtual Keyboard It is the only one with smart virtual keyboard which automatically speaks word by word or sentence by sentence without having to delete it!!
  • Unbeatable in creating items Unbeatable in creating items Unbeatable in creating items!!
  • Educational content Educational content Create educational content and teach the person with a disability to read, write and learn more complex concepts such as math. It can be used at home and at school!!
  • Multiple Users or Profiles Multiple Users or Profiles Create separate and personalized content for each patient or diagnostic profile. Each disabled person will have his / her own Livox!!
  • Easy content sharing between tablets Easy content sharing between tablets Share content between tablets with just one click. It’s ideal for clinics and classrooms. No internet needed!!
  • Powerful Platform! Powerful Platform! Speak, learn to read, write, watch videos, listen to music. And more. Livox is the most powerful and customizable platform for people with disabilities. All this with its clever algorithms!!
  • Network of Professionals Network of Professionals The professionals who purchase Livox are part of an exclusive network Throughout national territory. This network provides access to Livox patients, better conditions for acquisition, content and much more!!
  • Smart Algorithms Smart Algorithms Livox is the only one with algorithms and adjustments for motor, cognitive and visual impairment. Even people with severe visual impairment who do not communicate orally can use Livox!!

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  • Promotes and encourages communicative intent.
  • Facilitates the expression of needs and feelings.
  • Promotes the development of communication in each stage of the language. 
  • Promotes communication through images and sound by association.
  • Promotes communication through phrases using fast words and different semantic categories.
  • It helps to develop articulation, fluency and clarity in the language for the user.
  • Oral reinforcement: to be able to hear the voices and practice their pronunciation.
  • It allows easier access to; global reading; understanding and writing; Correct grammatical structure and spelling.
  • Promotes knowledge of the objects’ names and how they are pronounced using a level of communication suited to their abilities.
  • It allows access to new vocabulary and its correct use in different situations in everyday life. 


  • Increases attention and concentration.
  • Supports the understanding of questions and information.
  • Makes it easier to identify his / her own image and that of his / her family members.
  • Strengthens memory, recalling images and daily situations.
  • Strengthens executive functions of the brain such as memory, planning and problem solving.
  • Exercises the short and medium term memory.
  • Promotes the understanding of received virtual and auditory information.
  • Eases the understanding of concepts related to space and time.
  • Decreases the learning time for reading and understanding.
  • Generates skills for planning activities, observation exercises, their description, comparison and analysis.
  • Strengthens semantic comparison: understanding the meaning of each word and the structure of complete sentences.
  • Skills and thinking exercises; details of the observation and description by different criteria such as colour, shape, size...