About Us

Livox® arose from the need of a father (Carlos Edmar Pereira) and a mother (Aline Pereira) to communicate better with their physically handicapped daughter (Clara Pereira). Carlos Pereira has a background in Computer Analysis and assembled of collaborators comprising technology professionals, speech therapists and occupational therapists to create what would prove to be the first intelligent alternative communication software for tablets in the World: Livox®! 

Livox® is a software for Android tablets that enables people with disabilities to communicate and to learn. It has algorithms for motor, cognitive and visual disorders. So Livox® is different for every disabled person since disabilities vary in type and degree. We have different interfaces depending on the user's disability. People who can read, people who cannot read, people who can see, people who cannot see, people that do not understand abstract concepts, all of them can use Livox®.

All registrations and rights in the Livox® software are owned by Carlos Edmar Pereira, its idealizer and creator.

Livox Our team & Contributors

  • Carlos E. Pereira Carlos E. Pereira CEO and Livox® Creator
  • Aline Pereira Aline Pereira Livox® Co-Creator
  • Paulo Henrique Rodrigues Paulo Henrique Rodrigues Livox® COO
  • André Fialho André Fialho Commercial Director
  • Caubí Arraes Caubí Arraes Legal and Internationalization
  • Cristiane Andrade Cristiane Andrade Commercial Assistant
  • Rodrigo Bezerra Rodrigo Bezerra Software Architect
  • Marcus Vinicius Paiva Marcus Vinicius Paiva Audiovisual Producer
  • Eric Cavalcante Eric Cavalcante Software Engineer
  • André Melo André Melo Software Engineer
  • Maíra Maciel Maíra Maciel Occupational Therapist
  • Marly Queiroz Marly Queiroz Psychopedagogue
  • Vanessa Nunes Vanessa Nunes Speech Therapist
  • Emanuel Lima Andrade Emanuel Lima Andrade Commercial Representative
  • Marco Cerqueira Marco Cerqueira Commercial Representative
  • Edwin Rodrigues Edwin Rodrigues Web Expert
  • Jason Maderski Jason Maderski Android Engineer
  • André Câmara André Câmara Machine Learning and NLP Expert

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